The complex position of occupational pension schemes in the German legal system and in the associated international environment is due to the interdisciplinary interplay of the most diverse legal areas of general private and civil law and the therefore necessary legally compliant and safe application of these legal areas to the tasks to be fulfilled.

The activities of Kenston Pension GmbH primarily include consulting services for corporate clients of all sizes from all sectors in the following, exemplarily listed, legal areas of occupational pension schemes:

  • Labor law.
  • Reorganization law.
  • Corporate law.
  • Tax and accounting law.
  • Social security law.
  • Insurance contract law.
  • Legal and pension consulting law.
  • Liability law.

Against this background, Kenston Pension GmbH provides, among others, the following services to its clients within the touched legal areas:

  • Legal, tax and accounting support for the implementation, outsourcing and ongoing management of all implementation channels for company pension plans.
  • Assistance and advice on all social security issues relating to company pension schemes.
  • Evaluation and commenting on all legal and tax instructions as well as decrees of the federal authorities (BMF letters).
  • Review and interpretation of collective bargaining clauses and work agreements.
  • Drafting of legally secure pension commitments for all implementation channels of the company pension plan, including any necessary shareholder resolutions.
  • Evaluation of pension funds with regard to spin-off, spin-off and outsourcing options.
  • Lead monitoring and control of spin-off, spin-off and outsourcing processes in the context of company pension schemes.
  • Valuation, appraisal, restructuring and outsourcing of all company pension schemes. Corresponding implementations in accordance with the German Reorganization Act and the provisions of the German Civil Code (e.g. assumption of debt in accordance with §§ 414 BGB ff.).
  • Preparation of actuarial reports.
  • Adjustment checks in accordance with Section 16 of the German Company Pension Act (BetrAVG) including corresponding implementation.
  • International accounting.