The preservation and transfer of medium-sized companies are existential pillars of the German economy. The terms “preservation” and “transfer” are interdependent at this point. In many cases, owner-managed or family-run companies should be successfully continued by the next generation so that the departure of the founding generation does not lead to a loss of assets and jobs.

However, it is imperative to distinguish the order of magnitude here. Medium-sized companies with only a few employees often have different needs than medium-sized companies with several hundred or thousands of employees. These “big players” may no longer be fully owned by themselves or may already be dealing with external investors and investments. Capital market access should also be considered or is already being used. These are all concepts that are not part of the standard repertoire for “normal, small” medium-sized companies.

In this context, the further treatment of pension obligations entered into is often a complicating factor for the companies mentioned. How should these be handled in the context of a transaction? How can they be outsourced if necessary? How can it be ensured that the buyer is not further burdened by them? These are just a few questions that are evident at this point.

It is therefore obvious that standard consulting solutions from the textbook are out of the question for the tasks mentioned. Instead, special solutions are required that are tailored to the individual case and are the most efficient both legally and economically.

The basic requirements for being able to act as an adequate consulting partner and implementer at this point are:

  • leading market access,
  • reputation,
  • market-leading leaders,
  • outstanding specialized knowledge,
  • commitment,
  • independence,
  • flexibility and
  • access to necessary implementation partners.

Kenston Pension GmbH combines all these requirements and is YOUR PARTNER for the legally compliant management of existing company pension obligations as part of the successful implementation of corporate transactions.