Direct pension commitments (or benefit commitments) to controlling shareholder-managing directors and shareholder-board members of corporations (both summarized: Shareholder-CEO’S) are part of the general standard for this group of persons. Against this background, this field of consulting is omnipresent in daily consulting practice. Legal, tax and financial advisors work in a very complex and demanding field of occupational pension schemes.

In addition to the indispensable legal assessment and review, the main starting points for qualified consulting in the context of a pension commitment made or to be made to the above-mentioned group of persons are the company-internal tax and balance sheet management options through the use of a pension commitment. This results in a variety of advantages and effects, both from the company’s point of view and from the point of view of the person entitled to the pension.

Due to the aforementioned tax accounting control options, the tax authorities are also constantly concerned with the examination of direct pension commitments and “complicate” the corresponding internal handling. The need for highly qualified consulting support is therefore obvious and inevitable.

Kenston Pension GmbH combines all the necessary expertise and consulting skills in this regard and is your partner for the legally compliant establishment, support and processing or termination of the aforementioned direct pension commitments.