BRBZ Academy

Kenston Pension Ltd is a full member of the Association of Legal Advisors for Occupational Pension Plans and Time Value Accounts (BRBZ).

The BRBZ is the organiser of the specialist seminar “German teaching and practical academy for company pension schemes “.

The “German teaching and practical academy for company pension schemes” is the independent seminar, competence and training centre of the BRBZ for all occupational groups affected by solutions and implementation of company pension schemes.

The primary objective of the “German teaching and practical academy for company pension schemes“ is to provide the consulting and corporate groups in question with the necessary specialist “tools” in seminar units lasting several days in order to be able to act as competent consultants in the complex areas of occupational retirement provision and working time accounts. On three or two consecutive seminar days, all the main topics of the listed areas will be presented in a scientific and application-oriented manner.

The three-day seminar series concludes with a written examination. If the examination is passed, the following designations are awarded to the successful graduates:

Certified expert for company pension schemes (BRBZ r.A.).

In addition, the BRBZ certification logo and the “certification designation” can be integrated into the company’s own marketing instruments from the date of certification.

We look forward to your participation!

For enquiries regarding publications and lecture or seminar activities by employees of Kenston Pension GmbH, please contact the following e-mail address:

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