The main difference between the “Kenston Academy for Occupational Pensions and Working Time Accounts” and other seminar providers in the field of occupational pension provision and working time accounts can be illustrated as follows:

The “Kenston Academy for Occupational Pensions and Working Time Accounts” and the organiser Kenston Pension Ltd do not offer a training programme in the form of a course of study in the didactics of seminars, which takes several months and considerable costs. Because these seminar meetings do not help the interested and concerned advisors and personnel responsible person usually further.

The consultant or person in charge, who is already active in the areas of company pension schemes and working time accounts, needs short-term implementation support and solution assistance. Long study times are hardly possible for advisors from right, tax and financial-consulting occupations as well as for high-level personnel from enterprises, due to the existing daily workload. Above all the ranges of topics of the operational old age pension and the time value accounts are so interdisciplinary that only a daily conversion of the specialized knowledge acquired in the study times would make lasting success for the concerning possible.

Against this background, the “Kenston Academy for Occupational Pensions and Working Time Accounts” chooses the way that only consultants and persons responsible are addressed who have already gathered some experience in the aforementioned consulting and working areas and have therefore already shown a certain affinity for this topic. These circles should be given the necessary knowledge in a condensed form in order to be able to act professionally as consultants and to have access to a high-quality and professional service back office for liability-intensive and legally demanding consulting tasks.

Thus, a knowledge transfer takes place without leaving the participant “alone” at the end of the event. The Kenston Pension Ltd, including the “Kenston Academy for Occupational Pensions and
Working Time Accounts“, provides the participant with a competence and service centre that is to be used for ongoing support and intensive and ongoing exchange of experts.