Services Kenston Pension

The aim of the cooperation between Kenston Pension Ltd and the aforementioned legal, tax and financial advisory professions is regularly to outsource to Kenston Pension Ltd all activities subject to licensing and relevant to liability from legal and pension consulting in the broad consulting areas of “direct pension commitments to controlling managing directors or managing directors of corporations”.

In addition, Kenston Pension Ltd also directly serves its own clients from the corporate client sector. The main aim is to provide legally secure support to employers in the implementation of pension and security strategies in all consulting areas of “direct pension commitments” in the event of liability-prone implementations.

In summary, the following core services of Kenston Pension Ltd for its clients in connection with consulting services for “direct pension commitments” can be presented:

Legal, tax and accounting support in the implementation and ongoing support of direct pension commitments.

Assistance and advice in all questions of social security law in connection with the introduction and ongoing support of direct pension commitments.

Evaluation and commentary of all legal and tax instructions as well as of decrees of the federal authorities (BMF letter).

Review and interpretation of civil law contracts in connection with direct pension commitments.

Evaluation of the individual company situation with regard to the introduction of direct pension commitments.

Inclusion of all legal and tax components of private pension provision in the interdisciplinary scope of duties of the shareholder-managing director pension scheme (or members of managing board pension scheme).

Drafting of legally secure contracts for the introduction and ongoing support of direct pension commitments including any necessary shareholder resolutions.

Evaluation, appraisal and restructuring of direct pension commitments.

Evaluation of direct pension commitments with regard to split-up, spin-off and outsourcing options.

Evaluation, appraisal, restructuring and outsourcing of direct pension commitments. Corresponding implementations in accordance with the Transformation Act and the requirements of the German Civil Code (BGB) (e.g. debt accessions or debt assumption in accordance with §§ 414 BGB ff.).

Preparation of actuarial reports.

International accounting.