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Series of seminars on the legal field of the bAV in cooperation between the KENSTON GROUP and the BECK AKADEMIE


Sebastian Uckermann (senior consultant)
Court-certified pension advisor for company pension schemes, head of the KENSTON GROUP, Chairman of the Bundesverband der Rechtsberater für betriebliche Altersversorgung und Zeitwertkonten e.V. (BRBZ), Cologne (Germany).


Lawyers, pension consultants, tax consultants, financial service providers, auditors and management consultants.


The occupational pension scheme is one of the most complex areas of law. The aim of the seminar is to impart the necessary professional tools to be able to act competently as a consultant in all areas of occupational pension provision. On two consecutive seminar days, the main topics will be presented in a well-founded and particularly practice-oriented manner. You have the opportunity to discuss your questions comprehensively with the speakers.

Seminar dates

1. Live-Webinar: Thursday, 11.05.2023 till Friday, 12.05.2023
2. Live Webinar: Thursday, 23.11.2023 till Friday, 24.11.2023


9 am – 5 pm (13 hours according to § 15 FAO)


First seminar day

Legal advice within the scope of the occupational pension scheme subject to authorisation

  • Basics of legal advice
  • Application of BRAO (Federal Lawyers’ Act) and RDG (Act on extrajudicial legal services) to legal advice on occupational pension schemes
  • Legal advice opportunities for non-professionals

II.Employment and civil law principles of the occupational pension scheme

  • Origin of the company pension law (BetrAVG (Works Constitution Act))
  • acts of jurisprudence
  • Overview of the implementation routes
  • company pension scheme and co-determination / equal treatment
  • pension rights adjustment
  • Transfer of business / M&A
  • insolvency protection
  • European law
  • information duties

III. Tax and accounting law

  • Tax assessment of employers and employees
  • Non-insurance implementation routes
  • Insurance-type implementation channels
  • Pension provisions according to national and international accounting standards
  • Outsourcing

IV. Social security law

  • expectancy phase
  • power purchase phase

Second seminar day: Shareholder-managing director supply
I.  Basics: Dominant position

  • Tax law / labour law / social security law

II.  the tax treatment of an indirect and indirect
     Direct pension commitment to the corporation
     and with the pension beneficiary

III. waiver / reduction / compensation / revocation

IV.  Outsourcing

V.   Insolvency insurance

VI.  Financing

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